Jul 1, 2013

D114: I was so good

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in ecru & light blue
I found a park right outside the woolstore and I thought "I'll just pop in and see what the range is like." The yarn I needed was right there, where I remembered it.  And it's really nice, and not as expensive as I thought it would be.  

So I chose two balls of something similar to what I've been using, not over thinking the choice, plus a contrast colour in case I needed it.  I paid with swiping and didn't look at anything else.  Not a thing.  Barely raised my eyes while I waited at the counter, looked straight at the door as I left, nothing else. 

See, even though I've already done a few rows of the vest, and lost a few productive days on what I have, once I saw how lovely this yarn feels - so much nicer than the pure wool I'm using - I couldn't in all good conscience, not give it a red hot go.

Gee, its lovely.  Wish me luck.

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