Jul 26, 2013

D130: Second sleeve done!

That is all.

A little compensation:

Little Kimono Booties, in French.I'm thinking of making a pair of knitted slippers for Bub.  She has these great, cosy little boots, but they're a bit of a struggle to put on.  I'd like something I can chuck on her feet without the fuss, but with a bit of warmth.  I have a French version of these Baby kimono slippers, which looks rather quick & appealing.

Years ago I made a striped cushion in a Linen Stitch.  It's a lovely woven stitch, easy for anyone familiar with stocking stitch, and looks glorious with variegated yarns.  While you have to do about 130% of the rows to get the same height as regular knitting, its density pays off.  I thought I could use this stitch in a little slipper to add warm and strength.  With a firmer sole, I can more easily put some puff paint or something on a slipper sole so Bub has a little grip.

Click this picture for a tutorial I found via Pinterest
The other appeal of the kimono shoes is that, as they are knitted flat and are very simple, I suspect I could adjust the dimensions as I need, which would be necessary since I'd be using a different stitch.  Hmmm..... ponderponderponder...

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