Jul 23, 2013

D128: Tip of the day - Joins in knitted cuffs

Sometimes yarns have a bulge where a ply (a little thread within the yarn) begins and ends and they've been worked together, such as with weaving or an attempt at felting.  Sometimes there's just a little knot with two little tails.  This yarn I'm currently working has given me a knot and it's landed in the cuff of a sleeve.  (These knots pretty rare:  in the two balls of yarn I have left I can't even find one to photograph for you.)

The little blighter
Initially, I wasn't fussed about it.  I planned to work it so that the tails would appear at the back of the fabric, if at all.  In fact, joining a new ball by tying the two threads at the back of the work is perfectly acceptable and has been done since time cast on.

However, there are at least two places where this shouldn't occur: the collar and the cuff.

I'm pretty sure I can still weave this little tuft into the work, but I can't be sure it won't pop out in the future.

I should have cut out the knot and rejoined the yarn at the side.  The side seam is an easier place to hide an end and this is important because cuffs (and collars) often have both sides exposed, especially in baby items where lengths are turned back for growth.  I forgot that when working on a sleeve the 'right side' really applies to the arm and shoulder part because often both sides of the cuff may be the 'right side'.

So let it be known people: if you're working on a portion that may have both sides showing during its use, keep knots out of the work by rejoining at the seams.

In other news, and for my own records, I made another fruit purée with the following stats:
6 medium/large apples, two pears & 1 banana = about 42 tbsp of purée (840ml or a bit over 3 1/3 cups)

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