Jul 22, 2013

Hello Forgetful Head

I just got back from visiting my friends and their gorgeous new little boy.  Their teeny weeny itty bitty human. I gave my friend the jar of little baby decoy cookies that are meant to keep the dad and kiddliwinks away from her lactation cookies.  I didn't intend for the baby ones to get so... well.. done but they're fun never the less.

My friend told me when her little boy was born that he was 3.2kg, only a little bigger than Bub's starting weight...  Where was my brain?! I know she started in 0000s and the thing I'm making IS HUUUUGE!  It will probably fit Bub better than him! I'm making the smallest size already...

Good news: I need a new woolly something for Bub and this will do nicely.  
'Bad' news: I need to choose and make something else for the new little guy.  Oh heavens, more choices, more knitting, whatever shall I do? Alas, alack, the hardships I face. 

The biggest question: do I pause this project to complete something for the new baby, or power on.  Option B I think, and it will give me more time to decide on what to make him.

Ed note: 
Actually, after measuring it against Bub, it will be a little snug for her yet she's  11mo and it's a 3-6m size.  If the Lil Guy grows as she has, it'll probably still fit him come the Autumn weather when he's 9-10mo and even in the the old cool snaps over summer.
It's meant for him so to him it shall go.  I might make the next size up for Bub later.

I should still make him something he can wear before Christmas though... Yeah. Prolly should.

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