Jul 20, 2013

D125: In retrospect...

I made some lactation cookies on Wednesday night.  I was miraculously organised, doing parts of the recipe as I prepared dinner, which made the rest of it easier once Hub was out rock climbing and Bub was in bed.

Some of these cookies have been frozen for a dear friend of mine who was pregnant and is now a third time mum!  So much can happen in the space of a few days!

I'm constantly impressed by this friend.  She is one of my 'What Would She Do?' inspirations (inspirators?).  As I am with all parents who take this great leap, I'm terribly impressed with them officially tipping the balance of their family into Outnumbered.  While thinking of even no.2 makes my toes curl (I know, one is easy in comparison), I'm sure these guys are going to romp it in.  I'd be under-selling it to say they're pretty gosh-darn good, but I know she reads my blog, so I'll save her modesty and reign it in with a gentle 'fecking awesome'.  Congratulations lovie!  Mwah!

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