Jul 6, 2013

D119: Waste not...

Oh, you like it now!
Today's creative effort was spent using up foods that Bub shows no sign of eating in the near future.

These are filo party triangles filled with our veggie mashes and spare vegetables.

First, I fried a diced red onion with the shredded remaining half wombok cabbage. Then I defrosted the ill-fated mashes (sweet potato and chicken; carrot, pumpkin, potato and cauliflower mash; and mashed peas) and mixed in the cooled fried food.

Then I prepared the filo by sandwiching three layers with melted butter and slicing that into three strips. After arranging a tablespoon of mixture at the end, the strip was folded along its length into a triangular wrap, with the end sealed and the top brushed with melted butter.  They went into the oven for 20mins at 375°F (about 180°C).

They could've done with some seasoning but I couldn't decide on which way to go - I was thinking either Indian or Chinese flavours, but I'm not practised enough with either to wing it.  A teaspoon of curry powder probably would've been enough to make it more interesting.

Bub was a bit more interested in the food in this form, of course, but found the pastry a bit tricky to manage.  ("It's hot... paper..?") Either way, I was pleased with the result and glad that the food hasn't gone to waste completely.

Oh, and a quick one: a little creative effort showing off Bub's latest development in getting around.

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