Jul 20, 2013

D126: What?! And not knit?! As if.

As I mentioned earlier, one of my BFFs has had her third baby - a little boy yesterday morning.  While I've no idea how quick another baby project will be (the last one took 2 weeks) it won't stop me from beginning something for this little lad.

Bub began swimming lessons today.  It turns out she's a little elderly for her group.  At a seasoned 11 months, she's the oldest there (although by no means the hairiest - she's still a fuzzlebug on top).  It was a roaring success and we were able to stop by the yarn store on the way home, putting the whole outing under 'Winning'.

I thought having Bub & Hub waiting in the car would help me make a speedy decision.  Speedy? Yes.  Best choice? Not sure.  I'm afraid the grey I've chosen is too dark, even though I plan to decorate it with a light blue.  I can't even ask your opinion because, like I said, my friend reads here* and I'd like there to be some surprise to the gift.  (Hence the lack of pics.) Ah well, shall just have to trust he's a cooler kid than I.

In terms of the work, I'm knitting the garment as directed and not converting it to in-the-round.  Although I am using the Continental style, with circular needles, this pattern has sleeves and I don't fancy attaching set in sleeves on a knitted garment.  I'd much rather sew up the sides from cuff to waist at the end.

So, before I go wrap up the house for the evening run, here are the best bits of news for today:
  • This Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran is devine to work with; and
  • I began the back this afternoon and I think I'll be up to at least the armpits by bed!  Who knows where the day will take me!
*She's, like, a quarter of my readership!  Gotta look after my peeps!!

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