Jul 29, 2013

D133: Not quite...

With only the collar of this garment to go, here's what I had left after finishing all the other pieces...

The gauge for this garment is 24sts x 24rows over a 10cm wide/tall section "when slightly stretched".

My gauge is very different, with many more stitches fitting into the 10cm breadth, so a lot more yarn used over the distance.  It takes quite an 'assertive stretch', I suppose, to get the my stitches to match the gauge.  But I do have 25 rows in height, which is very close.  (I might look into the difference between row and stitch tension and how to influence that. Sigh.)  

I don't know why anyone would include stretching in establishing gauge.  What's 'slightly'?  A centimetre?  When it doesn't bounce back?  So you can see the hidden rib?  It seems like a terribly fuzzy thing to introduce into what's meant to be your guiding parameters.

I'll confess I didn't do a swatch, and it seems I could've done this garment in a 6.00mm or 5.5mm needle and benefited.  It's also why I went off to my oh-my-goodness-I'm-so-lucky-to-live-in-this-area local yarn store today: one more ball. (Brownie points to me for only buying what I needed.  Mind you, choosing yarn I want would require bringing a snack.)

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