Jul 3, 2013

D115: Today I learned...

Today I learned that you really do need room-temperature eggs when making madeleines. Beating the eggs could take 3mins, apparently*, but if the eggs are cold you have to beat them until they warm up. That's when they start to thicken and 'ribbon' off the beaters. I kinda knew this before but now I think it'll stick. I think next time I'll even think to take the eggs out well before I start baking.

Today I learned that my continental style knit stitches aren't as slow as I thought.

I also learned that as gorgeous as this yarn is, it's not my favourite ever.  The best thing about it would be the range of colours, especially for a baby yarn. Shepherd does a lovely range of 4ply baby yarns too, but for a lightly thicker range these are delightful. It is, however, easy to spear this yarn as you go. I wonder how it will wear in the long run.

Right, off to tray-up this batter! I'm soon to learn if Maple Syrup Madeleines are a good idea!

*Suppose it depends on the room.

Ed's note:
Oh yes indeedy-doody Sharon, maple syrup is a very subtle yet very pleasing flavour.

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