Jul 5, 2013

D118: Intense knitting

A bit more done.  Hmmm... those stitches really are leaning to the right...
Another inch or so complete and a pattern has emerged...

There's a ridging in the stocking stitch.  Here's a horizontal shot that I think better reveals the tilt.
See what I mean?

I think my tension, combined with the way I pick up a stitch to knit Continental style, has helped twist the yarn in each stitch.  The right-hand needle enters the stitch at the base and as the needle slides up it pushes the wrap of the yarn upwards, unwrapping it a bit below the needle and tightening the wrap along the back of the loop and behind the left needle.  That's my theory anyway.  I haven't had this happen with my right-handed knitting style.  I think, in future projects, I'll change my yarn hold and hopefully that'll keep it from being pushed around so much.

I'm not sure I can do much about it other than easing the tension so that the entered stitch will slide around the new stitch more easily.  However, at 27sts per 10cm, it's only slightly tighter than what's prescribed by the pattern, so I'm reluctant to change that, especially this far in.  It may mean I have to go get another ball, but I could use the contrasting yarn to do the neck and arm holes... Whether I do that or not probably depends on the time of day I get to that stage: if it's after the shops close, ecru contrast it is!

Anyway, at this stage, I'm happy to let it be an aspect of an individual garment.  Worse things have happened, right?

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