Jul 24, 2013

D129: Sleeve done!

I finished the first sleeve today, with only one error. (I did the 4.5mm section two rows too long, but that's easily repeated on the other sleeve for symmetry.)

The shoulder castoff using a double-rib,
and the knit-wise castoff on the arm
In the name of Murphy's Cousin, I cast off the shoulders rib-wise, planning to manage some give in the seam and have it relax a little.  I thought, too, a ribbed cast-off might have less bulk than knitted cast-offs seem to have.  Why they should be any more, or less, bulky than a ribbed cast-off is beyond me and I'm probably wrong.  

However, I cast-off knit-wise for the arm thinking it would stretch it out and help with easing the difference.  Now I'm thinking I should've just cast-off knit-wise back at the shoulder so that I'm not dealing with a bouncy length or introducing droop in the seam - maybe it'll be harder to match with all that stretch...  Then again, maybe some bounce will allow the garment to size up in the future... 
Over thinking in much? Shyah.

I also realised today that Silly Me gave away the colour of this gift in a previous post, so thought some pics to help explain couldn't hurt.  One day I will remember all the things!

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