Jun 29, 2013

D113: Around

You might notice the different needles here. Welllll... This has been frogged twice already. The pattern calls for size 3 needles, and since it was printed in the UK I thought they meant UK size 3. Now I'm pretty sure they meant US size 3. It's a huge difference, the UK's being 6.5mm and the US's being 3.25mm. HUGE difference. I'm using 4mm needles at the mo. Why? Coz I'm stubborn.*

I'm not a very fast knitter. Changing patterns so I can work in the round is a way I save some time with less joining. It's not especially difficult when the pattern says "Front: make up as for back to Arm Holes".  I usually add a purl stitch between  the front and the back, but really I should skip that and just use a marker.  Working in the round also means less purling, which is great since I'm faster at knit stitches. 

When I work in the round I use continental-style knitting. With straight needles and western-style knitting I hinge the right needle on my forearm and release my hand to loop. However, letting go with my right-hand makes for awkward knitting when in the round.  I'm also a little faster at the continental knit stitch (and sometimes purl).  If I really work on my speed, my continental is much faster than regular knitting, but still not that fast. 

A few years ago we were travelling around Norway by bus. A row ahead and opposite me I saw a woman knitting a black cashmere somethingorother.  She was so fast.  Seriously, knit-knit-knit-knit-shove in two or three seconds. I stared at her hands for ages, trying to figure out how she was so quick.  I think it was continental because I remember that she didn't toggle her hand - it was like she just rubbed the needles together and wrote it out. It seemed to be in the eyebrows, mostly. I still regret not crossing the aisle to ask her how she did it.  
I dream of my continental knitting skills being that good. 

*While I'm delighted that my tension is matching the estimates on the yarn label, I won't be surprised if I frog this again and use 3.25mm like I know I should. Stubborn people are sometimes a bit stupid. Shall have to see how it goes in stocking stitch but I'm not sure who I'm kidding. It's for a baby, A! Not a toddler! Shall measure it tomorrow and decide...

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