Jun 27, 2013

D111: Because I say it is

We've recently signed up to Farmers Direct and have been enjoying regular deliveries of milk and bread twice a week.  It's terribly indulgent on that front alone.  Usually our midweek fruit and veg order is 'pick & pack' where we decide what will be included. But this week we couldn't decide what would be for dinners, so we went for the Couples small box, full of seasonal fruits and veggies.

Only one lucky person got the garnish.
So, for my creative thing on Tuesday I made something out of it!

I fried some chopped spring onions, added some carrots, zucchini, capsicum and tomato and chucked in some canned chopped tomatoes and some stir through sauce (coz it was open already) and some basil.

We tried cooking the past another way, which I'll share with you soon, and it worked out pretty well.  Bub even had some of the pasta, but changed her mind after a while. 

I've still got the rest of the bag of carrots, a bag of potatoes, a lot of basil, and a red onion.  The service includes a recipe that would work with what you've gotten for the week. This delivery's recipe was soup, much like what we've had for the past week.... So I decided not to go with that one, obvs.

Anyhoo, still crowding my project board with things to do...  It's like my way of drawing tension in the narrative of my blog.  

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