Jun 28, 2013

D112: It will be done!

Two of my favourite people are having a baby! Yey! More favourite people!

The ol' long-tail cast-on for this one
And damned if my absent-mindedness, sleep deprivation, or other projects will keep me from hand-making something for this new little person and their lovely parents. Sooooo...

I'm using a stash of Panda Woolbale.  Is not very special, but I'm not too worried because a vest will go over onesies and tops, so any scratchiness is generally covered.  I very much like the colour though.  It's not very bright, but I think little girls look lovely in blue and it'll be safe ofr a boy.

The main point though is that I have a long car trip tomorrow but not the time to go and buy some of the special Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that the pattern asks for.  Is really very naughty of me, but I would also feel a lot of pressure if I'd spent that much on this project.  What's more, even when I do a swatch, the measurements never work out right. :\ 

And the baby shower is in two weeks.

And I don't have the right sized needles either.  WHAT COULD GO WORNG?

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