Jun 16, 2013

D106,107&108: Shtuff

Little peek-a-boo thing
Soooo... Absenteeism is high recently.  Three weeks or so is a long time to be away.  I'd apologise profusely but suspect I haven't enough regular readers for that to be necessary.  Really, though, I should apologise to myself for not sticking to things better.  Sorry A, you deserve better. For shame! I hang my head as I type. (Thanks bad posture, knew you'd come in handy.)
Project parts

Equally unimpressive is what's been going on since my last post: not much.  I'm still chipping away at this project for Bub.  Soon enough the little parts will have to be brought together in the larger piece and hopefully that last large step will happen in one go.  

I baked another two-tone brownie yesterday which was really disappointing.  It needs foil over it after the first 20mins to stave off burning, but we didn't hear the timer go, and the whole thing ended up underdone and weird.  It was so tall when I did the skewer test too - now looks like a dam after a bushfire :( Not even a pic for that accident.

Most of my other baking/cooking has been a few cakes, lactation cookies and good old baby foods, which rarely get more than two stars from our breastfed little Bub.  People ask if we're doing baby-led weaning, or whatever you like to call it.  We do both BLW and purées, and we can do purées better when she has something to feed herself at the same time.  We haven't found there's more or less food wasted in either because she'll happily refuse both.  Seriously, if you ever have a kid who'll refuse food, you'll realise it's all baby-led.  And we have no weaning going on either. 

We've done a bit of spring cleaning too (in autumn, such rebels), partly inspired by Bub's recent mobility.  I'm currently enhancing the 'change is as good as a holiday' feel around the house by enjoying new spaces and places for things.
Yesterday's bread.  Think the moisture at the
bottom is from using the hollow biscuit tray.

Another reason the blog has taken a backseat is due to a bit of work I've taken on.  (Just realised I can call myself a WAHM!)  I'm crunching the data of a school survey for the AP at my work.  It's about 20 classes of surveys so there's lots of data entry.  Nights in front of the telly have been occupied with that whenever I've had the wherewithal to do anything.  It may seem like I'm neglecting fun for work, but these little cognitive challenges are important for my wellbeing too.  I like figuring out formulas and graphs, albeit at an amateur level, and it provides variety in the challenges I work on these days.  And I get paid!

Apple and Cranberry Pie
Also, truth be told, my desire for crafting has had a bit of a slump.  No biggie.  Maybe I'm paralysed for choice, with ideas bottlenecked by tiredness.  (Recently added a fleecy romper to my wish list, emphasis on wish.)  But who knows!  It isn't a zero-sum thing, and it's not like it's going away, right?!  Ah the freedom having your own blog in which to shift the goal posts! ;D

So, I'm off to shower, and maybe afterwards I'll handwash that new fabric like I know I should, now that the sun's out! ;)  Happy Sunday folks!


  1. I wondered where you went :) I like seeing your stuff - the cubes were awesome! I tried to start being creative for our next bub, but the stuff I wanted (foam wedge) was more expensive than expected so it has taken a backseat to my general life :) enjoy your spreadsheeting!

    1. Thanks Angela :) That's really nice to hear!
      Ugh, there are few things more annoying than having dreams that you discover you can't afford :( I hope you're soon able to find something else to scratch your creative itch.