Mar 27, 2013

D79: Tinker

Today's creative efforts were somewhat thwarted again. Making baby foods was going to be my creative task, at a stretch, and I was all ready to argue that it was creative because I would be making it up as I go! Look forward to that, People.

Instead I turned to paper work again and made a mark on the roll of brown paper (something strangely delicious about a blank expanse to spend!) towards a skirt pattern.

A while ago, around 2006, I did a pattern making course at The College of Fashion Design in East Melbourne. (There's a reason you've never heard of it.) The pattern making method they taught was from Greece, called SITAM AB, and used two large square templates with various curves and markings in them. From these, plus a side curve (probably a substitute for a French curve), you could build any pattern piece, provided you knew how to use them. And each base pattern piece becomes your starting template for all others. They even provide books - one on pattern making and one on pattern altering. Once you get the knack of it, it's very quick, and quicker than metric pattern making. It's really very clever, but it does depend on having the rulers, which are rather cumbersome.

My SITAM stuff is currently in the garage. By which I mean, it's just a long long way away.
Today I sourced and found this blog, with its own How to for a skirt pattern, and I'm considering it as a new pattern making experience. The blogger even dreamed of going to the London School of Fashion: Yes, I looked at their handbook on my youthier youth too.

The instructions are for a pencil skirt, but I think I can use it to develop what I want. Anyway, as a result, my creative time was spent researching and learning. Not much in the way of pictures, but there you go; learning can be hard to capture.

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