Mar 2, 2013

D55: Complete gift bag!

On a chair.
I was right! Following on from yesterday's post, I was spot on with my guess about folding the lining opposite ways to make it match the cover shell.

After this success and a bit of pressing, the rest followed pretty much as I'd hoped and in good time.

The lining & covers sewn together.
The bag turned out and pressed. The tips are open and ready...

...for turning out!
The finished product!
Some of the top stitching.
The only concern I have is that the seams are pressed open (inside the bag walls) and the top stitching doesn't strengthen those joints.  At the moment the top stitching only picks up fabric from its own side of the seam.  If I'd pressed the seam allowances to opposite sides - the lining allowances one way and the cover's the other - the top stitching would've reinforced the seam, too, rather than only decorated.  For next time, that one.

At this point in the day I've also begun some little biscuits. They're a chocolate shortbready thing and require chilling twice.   It also lets you whip the butter before adding the other ingredients - way easier than the usual shortbread method. Luckily, it's a cracking day: sun-soften butter ain't too likely in winter.  Right now, the first chilling is going to be taken up with bub and dinner, but it doesn't really matter when the next parts happen. :)  I'm liking this recipe already.

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