Mar 17, 2013

D69: A steal

A best friend of mine has recently moved house and she's pretty much just up the road. I'm delighted! Hopefully we'll get to see each other more often :D So, true to form, I'm set in mind to make a batch of gift honey madeleines. It crossed my mind to make them with maple syrup, rather than honey, but I thought it's sensible to do tests on ourselves, not friends.

Anyway, it wasn't the smoothest of mornings so I was late getting to hers. I'm still rather tired and sick with a cold, which was exacerbated by today's surprisingly cold weather. (It's really quite bitter and wintery! Seriously, we had the AC on just days ago!) Anyway, in the end getting to the couch tonight almost did me in!
So I'm stealing this as my creative thing, even though it wasn't what I had in mind for today.

What you see here is what remains of the madeleines in our house, plus the yummy chocolate coconut brownies my friend made for my visit. (See how we're friends?) They were her first baking effort in their new oven and turned out lovely and moist, with a thin little crust.

Maybe this proves my tiredness, but I've just realised that I have my friend's biscuit tin, when I took my baking in another biscuit tin... Why didn't she put it all in my tin for me to bring home?
Oh, I see what you did there... OK THEN, WE SHOULD PROBABLY CATCH UP SOON AND SWAP THOSE TINS (wink wink).

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