Mar 9, 2013

D62: Drafting

[Eek! Wrote this yesterday, forgot I didn't press publish!]

I'm really pleased with the way these two turned out.  I really liked the mild challenge these presented, just right for a sleep deprived person who needed an achievable challenge.  I'm also very glad I have an imperial-unit cutting ruler to square it all out.  I'm not sure how clear I am on the shorts' construction ("5. The straps are made, crossed at the back and stitched together." At the cross over? What?) but figure it'll work out in the end.
The boy's pants, drafted

We generally use fabric nappies (modern cloth nappies) so don't usually have a need for little pants such as the ones with the Angle Suit. However, I should probably make up the pattern just in case as we do have the odd disposable nappy outing and something as a cover would be good for the hot weather.

The Angel Suit top and pattern packets

My fabrics are in the wash as we speak, so I'll focus on the bags and some baking (I hope) before I get around to making anything with the blue floral.

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