Mar 7, 2013

D60: I made... effort.

It's been really hot here for a few days and it's set to be hot till at least next Wednesday. Tonight we've had a bit of a cool break, but nothing to wash away the heat from the walls.

Bub doesn't sleep as well in these conditions.  So with activities, outings and short naps, I've not had hands or brain very spare today, especially since me and my cold slept badly in the heat too! Curses!

Not to sure about the dark character on the left...
that may be for the back.
Aaanyway, when the dark clouds mocked us this afternoon I decided we'd take another Save Our Sanity trip and off we went to a large complex where the car would be underground and the Spotlight fabric store upstairs.   I didn't even plan to buy anything!   Well, maybe a few fasteners for little bags.  It really was just an outing to visit some air-conditioning.

The good news is: I got the fasteners.

A complete impulse buy was this set of fat quarters.  I thought, people make simple quilts in a few days! I could do that!  But I won't.  Because I rarely keep any sewing project simple.   (Didn't even spare a thought for the poor UFO quilt that's neglected on the couch.)  That said, I hereby dedicate this stash to becoming a simple, quick and easy quilt as a project in self-control.
I bought 2m, just in case.
There. Fixed.

I also found this delightful floral fabric and it looked perfect for a romper for Bub.  The one we've got is perfect for this hot weather, better even than a little singlet as they can be quite warm.

Before I left, I considered my creative thing for the day could be drafting this little outfit from a vintage book preserved by my sister.

You rock, Enid Gilchrist.
It is close to what I want, but not actually what I want.  I'd only be doing it because I'm itching to have something like another romper for Bub. 

If years of watching my mum do random craft at CWA has thought me anything I should know better than to do another It's Like What I Want project.  The result is usually only almost satisfying and the item is duly ignored, buried away, ending up in the op shop bag after a time proportionate to the effort of production. 

Our cardinal rule of craft: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

No, instead I went online and bought these two little numbers.

Butterick Patterns B5625 & B3405, both bought on their website

Much more appropriate.  Now all I have to do is eat my hat until they arrive. (Not my sun hat. Lord knows I'll need that for at least another God forsaken week.  It's autumn, after all.)

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