Mar 25, 2013

D77: Stealing moments

I'm stealing this as a creative thing today. I made a purée of apple, pear and plum for Bub and, with what didn't fit in the freezer trays, made into an arvo tea with yoghurt and some crumbled French shortbread. Inspired! Yum!

I also stole some time to begin planning the pram liner. Bub and I sat outside on the picnic rug and I took a few measurements to get me started. I'm not yet sure about the construction. I was thinking the layers could be cover/batting-raincoat-material/batting/cover. That way we can flip it over if one side gets wet. However, it might be too thick for my machine. I was wondering about waterproof spray too but would prefer comfy to crunchy - I don't know if that stuff hardens fabric.
At this stage, a paper template is next . That and a research trip to Spotlight should kick it off. Wheee!

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