Mar 10, 2013

D63: Prettiest Batsignal Ever

Its been a lovely day of making today, even in the yet-again heat (which wasn't that bad in the end).

I managed to safely juggle baby and scissors today, finally finishing the cut for another 1:3 bag and a 1:5 wallet (which I hope was square). But while I had the mat out on the floor with everything else, I cut as much as I could so I could clear it away for a while.
I was able to reshape the brown floral fabric, but the blue stripe was too large to be able to work it square. Luckily the woman accidentally cut too much of that so the loss isn't huge.
I also cut out the blue floral for the Angel top and decided I'd make another with some fabrics I've yet to find a place for. I'm not sure how these appeal to me, but they really do.

Anyway, I found a blue linen in my dressmaking stash to line the floral. If I could figure out a decorative stitch on the machine I'd do that along the bottom and make it reversible.

I'm so pleased I got them done thus far today. They're really simple to sew: the clipping, snipping and pressing take just as much time. Very much hope they're comfortable for Bub.

What's remaining is ladder stitching the shoulder seams and attaching the press studs.
Hand stitching may seem a bit silly for a shoulder seam - I could've concealed the seam if I wanted, or done it by machine any old way. But with ladder stitching I can easily undo the joint and attach some ribbons or some other extension in its place as Bub grows.
The press studs are new for me and I'll be practising on the grey floral wallet.

In other news, we're off to my niece's 16th and my brother's somethingth. I hope to make some madeleines tomorrow but, just in case, I've also done a Donna Hay brownie cake tonight (they'll become brownies once cut tomorrow). The recipe says to take it out once 'set' and the skewer was clean so apparently it's ready. 'Set' is the word I'd choose too. Wish I'd had white chocolate to make the two-tone brownies again, but no one will know what could've been :)

What a productive Sunday!!

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