Mar 5, 2013

D58: Madeleines

"Fill the molds about 3/4 of the way - don't worry, they will spread and rise as they bake."

These madeleines are from Confessions of a Tart.
I've never seen this blog before but it looks rather marvellous. The reason I chose this recipe is because it had so many positive comments and because it includes honey.
A specialty baker in town - Phillippa's Bakery - does lovely madeleines that have a spongey texture and a light honey flavour. I was hoping to get something similar here.

At publication, they're in the oven, obviously massive and I've at least 10mins to go...

UPDATE: omg they're awesome. Wish I'd made a double batch! Just fed Bub and I'm having another before I brush my teeth. Omnomnom!

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