Mar 14, 2013

D66: Sneaky bits

I ran out of brown thread is morning so work was suspended until we could nick out to the shops, our second outing for the day.

I also bought some white fabric to use with those fat quarters. While I was out of action, so to speak, I thought I'd trawl Pinterest for some simple quilting ideas and decided on doing something like this Sweet Divinity Diamond Quilt found at The Quilted Fish. The white fabric is for sashing. I think I can figure out a version of this using 6 fat quarters and then use the 7th striped fat quarter as binding. I've also decided that this will be the project where I learning to free-stitch with my machine. That is, to use it with the directionless feed and, like, quilt with it! Eek! Coz, like I said, it's going to be quick, easy and simple. AAAA HA HA HA HA HAVE YOU MET ME?! AS IF!!!

Working on the 1:3 bag, I made the 'handle' tube and pressed the tips ready for connecting. I'm still deciding if helping my friend fix her knitting via FaceTime counts... yeah, probably!

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