Mar 4, 2013

D57: Click click click ding!

That's the sound of my brain working. The ding is new.

That's my thinking over there.

The bag method works because it uses the ratio of the rectangle to make identical full or half triangles that would fit in the rectangle. The seam allowance is fixed and doesn't change with the ratio. That is, it's not a portion of the length or width but a fixed amount. I think this is why the bags turn out crooked.
In short: the seam allowance needs to be accounted for before cutting.

So today, after cutting a 1:5 set for a wallet, I got this thinking done and I'll be snipping those strips to be a slightly smaller 1:5 tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to think clearly about constructing that prototype too. In the meantime, I'm off to Bedfordshire.

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