Mar 26, 2013

D78: Calling it in

Last night was a bit long and today was a bit stuffed. As a result I haven't gotten a creative thing done, but I did tend to future creative things by shopping during the day. I bought some plain colours to pad out the quilt set I have. I just don't think that 6 different prints is going to provide enough variety across the pattern, and I thought some plains would be good. I might even appliqué something onto the panels. Why not?! Unfortunately, as I've taken the fabrics from the bag, I can see the pink is a poplin but the taupe is not. It's a lovely fabric but it's not the same... Grrr! I didn't notice at the counter. I'm wondering if it matters, especially since it's not quite the colour I'd have liked (this is quite dark, and they didn't have a light aqua). Sigh.

I also bought a red to go with this print. This matches quite well. I'm looking forward to what this might become.

So, as I've done before, I'm compensating with an internet find.

Creative Chicks is a sweet blog I've begun following recently. It's three sisters who create for their homes and families, each with their own style and interests, all very good at what they're doing. I especially like the quilting posts, so that's what I'm linking to here:
I think it's a fantastic idea for a blog and it's lovely to see the variety across the different posts.

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