Jan 12, 2013

Postal goodness!

It arrived! I bought myself a gift pack from Spoonflower. It includes swatches of the fabric they sell, a gift voucher, a book, a notebook and a pencil.

I have yet to really look at the book but it's pretty spesh with a CD and all. It even has printed paper (like wrapping paper but uber stylish) in the back which I will never use because no occasion will ever be special enough and they’ll totally go to waste.  It even has a tutorial on how to make your own fabric patterns that you can upload and have created and mailed by Spoonflower. I do not consider my artistic skills anywhere near good enough for such extraordinary extravagances.

Ugh, now I have to decide what to buy with my voucher. Have you seen that site?! It's the hundreds & thousands of Alice in Wonderland. Drunk swimming through Jelly Bellies. Laying down in puppies.  I'll OD on the colours alone...

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