Jan 23, 2013

Day 17: Give me some Base!

Buoyed by my completion of the protein strands, I began the base pairs today.

I used 4ply for this project because that's what I had, and using a baby yarn (Shepherd Baby Wool Merino) seemed pretty appropriate for a toy. I didn't double it to make 8ply as the pattern required because gauge was unimportant.

However, now I kinda wish I'd used 8ply because these base pairs are really fiddly! Only 9 stitches to work in the round makes it so easy to fumble at the start. Only now, at row 5, am I sure I haven't twisted the work. It's very hard to get started on them. There'll be three in pink/green and three in blue/orange. Part of me wishes they were stronger colours, but I suspect it will all look better once put together.

In other creations, I made a self-saucing chocolate pudding for supper. It's from the marvellous Cookery the Australian Way. I love the mild and fluffy cake part and the rich sauce. Lots of puddings are rich all over, but this one is lighter, with a lovely chocolate flavour that doesn't overwhelm you. It's not a new recipe for me, but I reckon it counts. My sister is coming to collect her daughter / our guest and will be here for dinner tomorrow night. What's left is what I'd call enough for me... Awkward.

Maybe I'll make something more...

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