Jan 11, 2013

Day 5: Photo cubes - part 2

Steps 1 to 9 of this project are here.


10. Insert the cube

Align the edges to the seams as best you can.
With cube inserted. Align the edges with the seams.

11. Hand stitch your last edges.

I used a ladder stitch and two thicknesses of thread. I folded the sided panels over the top of the cube (rather than tucking them down) and closed the lid on top. I recommend working with about a ft or so of thread at a time because things tend to tangle when they're longer.
Ladder stitching the pinned panel.

Here is as far as I'm able to go today. The cube is complete the my photos are at the in-laws after a ships-in-the-night thing with the mail. But the last parts aren't mysterious...


12. Insert the photos 

Trim the pics if necessary. You may need to squish the cube a bit and curve the photo to get it in. Stand back and admire your work!

13. Hand over all your hard work to someone with very little coordination. Let it go.

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