Jan 9, 2013

Day 3: Kimono Shoes

These shoes are terribly cute. There are lots of kimono shoe patterns on the net -  I used one from Lena's Sewing Patterns. Good luck choosing a favourite.

We're off to the beach tomorrow. My excuse for making these shoes is to 'protect Bub's feet from the hot sand'. But its a pretty flimsy reason considering she kicks off even the tightest sock.  And the sand isn't likely to be that hot.  Anyhoo...

So today I turned this...

...into this...

And then this!

Because I'm Murphy's Cousin, I hand stitched the sole over the seam allowance, rather than doing it all in one seam. The finished seam is not that neat (my hand stitching needs practice, especially while tired, and it's a first effort on the design), but it does mean there are no unfinished edges.

Looking at them now, I think they'll be very good at collecting sand... But then she'll grow out if them by next week anyway!


Update: Just because your baby's foot fits the sole doesn't mean it fits the shoe! Bub never got to wear these at all!! Gah! (Did I mention I'm a bit tired?)They'll make a nice gift though.
Onto the next size then!

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