Jan 18, 2013

Day 12: Couch

Today I knitted some more of my DNA toy. I'm hoping that the next time I sit down I can finish this section, but that might take a few Supernaturals in a row.
Last night's heat (think it dropped to 30C by 6am) made for a wakey baby and after a much-needed sleep in we had a much-needed afternoon out in cooler breezes. So, mindless couch-based handiwork was in store tonight.
Three cheers for the end of the week!

Supplementary content!

A few years ago I heard of a guy who did a drawing a day to improve his skills. It was over a long time and in his posts you could see clear progress over the years, going from slightly warped yr6-ish portraits to shaded and proportionate dragons. It found it really impressive.
I cannot find that guy's site.
[content totally changed coz I remembered] I think it may have been via Drawn, which is a thoroughly beautiful site that features artists' work and it's inspiring and warm and fuzzy and good artistic nutrition. Grab a spoon: http://blog.drawn.ca/

Maybe, if I get tired of fabric and yarn, I might take a month or so to do a drawing a day, or a painting a day, and see if I can't get my skills beyond their current Year 8 standard.

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