Jan 19, 2013

Day 13: Unnatural food

Today I made Turkish Delight from this marvellous cookbook.

I think I've been looking sideways at this recipe for 18 years, ever since I started making toffees in high school.  So, I finally remembered some rosewater and tartaric acid and got to it.

It uses a surprising amount of cornflower and icing sugar. Well, not that surprising when you think of what the stuff is, but I still forgot to check my stash and almost ran out of both.

Needs lots of icing sugar and cornflower to coat it.

I also forgot to take a pic of the most interesting part, which is the last 30mins of 'boiling'.  It's boiling, technically, but really it is gloriously viscous and blops away like the bog of eternal stench. I suspect it was actually the corporeal form of an evil soul monologuing about my doom. Either way, quite yum.

I also made a chocolate mud cake, from the Donna Hay Chocolate Essentials cookbook. I accidentally made it with milk chocolate instead of dark. By the time I realised the buds had already been melted, so I figured we'd see how that turns out.

Still cooling in the tin.

Both these things are for my sister's 50th arvo tea tomorrow.

So we have the uncomfortable experience of having a whole fresh yummy cake in the house that we will not cut tonight.

I might have to make another before I go to bed.

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