Jan 13, 2013

Baby's First DNA Toy

It is what you think it is; a DNA toy, which is knitted. The sugar-phosphate spine (the ribbons that swirl on the outside) are tubes filled with hobby fill. They naturally twist because the 30-stitch has an increase and a decrease on opposite sides.

Then the base pairs (joining things that go bw the ribbons) are made separately and sewn in place to connect the spines.

I'm keep imagining I'll use a knitting Jenny to do the base pairs, but I suspect they're thicker than that... Wonder if I can find a thicker knitting Jenny...

This is the pattern that I'm using, by Kimberly Chapman and I think it's pretty awesome:

I began this project... Um, before. Before Bub was thought of and before Swedish nephew was born but I think I originally started it for him. In the end I made a sleep sack for nephew and chose to keep this one for Bub.

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