Feb 22, 2013

Days 40-46: Soooo busy.

Does my sarcasm come across? Emphasis is soooo important.

I set myself no expectations for the holiday at the coast. I remembered that the house had some baking supplies from the last time we were there, but it still didn't compel me to bake. Even the glorious stash of daggy, obscure and glossy recipe books and magazines on the shelves couldn't persuade me to do more than some wholemeal pancakes.

With those, Bub woke me up at a stupid hour on the Sunday morning, when our cousin was there and the house was at its fullest. I made the crepe batter (from a Delicious magazine - Wicked or Wicked Desserts) and left a note to say "make after 7:30". They we're absolutely lovely, even without the extra egg yolk.

For our two dinners we did a no-frills lamb roast and some rice paper rolls. The former was hardly something to write Tom Cruise about, and the second was remarkable only for its suitability on the hottest day we had, which was a crappy unairconditioned 37°C.

I ad-libbed a dessert for myself when everyone else was having ice cream (no lactose for me D:). It was a mini plum & apple crumble with amaretto biscotti in the crumble. Not bad, but no pics.

The DNA toy was also deconstructed. And that was as far as I got with a single piece of yarn or thread. I actually spent a lot of my free time doing puzzles from The Age, reading its articles and getting through The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared for book club. And sleeping in.

I got a lot done :)

Ed note: We tried to eek out the chocolate almond bread for as long as possible, but everyone quietly grazed on it, with and without hot drinks, and it was gone pretty quickly.
I also baked on the day we returned - my favourite chocolate cake recipe in the log tin - as a thank you to our neighbours for watching the place and collecting the mail. The glaze probably went on too soon...

Bub was definitely busy: She turned 6 months old, learned to sit and use her bottle!

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