Feb 14, 2013

Day 39: Chocolate Almond Bread Part 2 - for the road!

The slicing was tricky and Hub helped a bit.  We got 44 slices, not including the stumpy ends.

I was a bit 'clever' with the baking too.  It says to do them in a single layer for 20 mins. I do have two trays and they probably would've all fit, but I wasn't sure so I used a wire rack to arrange them and turned them over half way through baking. That way I was sure to only have one baking batch.

In other news, we're off down the coast today for a week.  I've decided the blog will take a holiday too.  I've got stuff to do but I won't be doing a daily thing if I don't feel like it. I may collect pics along the way to post on our return.

See you next week lovies!

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