Feb 25, 2013

D50: Little Tea Cakes

Fifty days! Woo hoo!*

First batch is lighter as Hub was impatient.
You know those cranberry muffins I raved about?   Well, the oil (I blame you, silver lining!) leached onto the outside of the patty paper, which I found rather unappetising. And my skin did not appreciate it either.  So the last half dozen of them went off with Mum and Dad today who've never had cranberry muffins either and were quite delighted with them, even if they did present poorly on their third day.

So this left the house without a bikkie in sight: little cakes ahoy!

I seriously doubt that, were it not for my breastfeeding and Hub's run/ride commute, we would be able to safely consume so much baking.

* I reserve the right to include my holiday days. It's my blog.

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