Feb 27, 2013

D52: Quilting!

Stitched a few circles on my baby quilt.

I began this quilt a long time ago.  The baby it was for is now in 3-year-old kinder.  I'm not sure if I'll still give this to her or make her something new.  There's always another baby on the way who can have this!

Of my three UFOs this is the youngest and so carries the most hope.  I thought I had a lot more to go, but I've really only got the outer-most margin of circles left.

Mind you, that's forgetting the binding, which I haven't bought yet.

There are lots of fabrics in this quilt that I love, but a few I don't.  For example, I'm not sure what possessed me to include the beige one.  It matches colours in the Eskimo print, but its not very complementary to the quilt.  The blue-fleck pattern too... what was going on that day?

The back feels a bit mismatched.  I think what I did was find a few fabrics I really liked and hoped they could all go in the same quilt together.  A rookie mistake, I'm sure.  I think choosing a binding is going to be a bit of a nightmare as the front and the back have so little in common... Pink? Red? Grey?
Le sigh.

Anyway, I'll post proper non-instagrammed photos when it's all done.

Fabric goodies!
In other news, I had to get out of the house with Bub this arvo.  Lincraft was in mind, just for a window shop you see.  Just to see what they're stocking these days.  Must stay on top of the trends.

And I remembered a quilting store I hadn't visited in ages, so thought we'd drop by, peruse the shelves.  Lo and behold, my dots connected enough to choose these.  I'm hoping to making the 1:5 wallet out of them, one of each, and offer them to a few sisters I know.

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