Feb 24, 2014

D250: Depressing

Today, the two hundred and fiftieth day of this blog effort, was not that flash.  Even though I did get things achieved, such as buying batting and backing for this cot quilt and making a few appointments, it was a day to be forgotten.  Bub got a rave review from her MCHN but once we got home and the nap was rejected it was pretty cruddy thereafter.  This evening was spent cutting sashes and ironing seams.

The backing I bought is flannelette in a woodland theme.  I like that it's white with similar colours but not as bright.  I think it'll cope with a zigzag quilting pattern well, but I'm also inexperienced at knowing how much difference that will make to the way it looks. 

I was going to get a grey irregular pattern, maybe with some colour in it, but wasn't finding what I wanted on Spoonflower (not enough to wait for it anyway) and Spotlight was close and the arvo empty.  There were whales in white and navy were also appealing, and a dandelion-seed pattern was nice too but maybe a bit quiet.  I did add the extra challenge of having a napless toddler in the pram, but when has that ever stopped me from making important decisions, hmm?

Anyhoo, in other puns, I found that the strip where I trialled trimming the junctions (dark blue, below), to see if it made any difference, does sit better than the others.  So after pressing the strip seams and watching them unpress, I realise I need to go through the rest of the top and trim the rest of the bulk.  Not particularly riveting work. Plus I didn't get to do any actual sewing.  Le sigh.

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