Feb 8, 2014


It's been a while since I've completed a part of something this big.  I may have mentioned earlier that the last quilt I began - a single bed quilt made from locally printed Australian themes - has only the top portion done.  It's on pause and even though I organised the pieces the night I went into labour, maybe I'll finished it on Bub's 5th birthday, or something.  It was a while ago and its packed away so neatly and quietly I wonder if I'll ever worry about it again.


Completed chevron strips. Rainbow order with a dark teal / dark blue top & tail.

I've finished the colour strips for this baby quilt.  

Rainbow order with red/orange top & tail
I'm pretty sure I want to do a rainbow sequence with the two dark colours as top and tail, but it tried out some other arrangements just in case.

A mixed order.  I quite like the grey, teal, yellow, pink sequence.

Mixed order that seems to have become dark to light
I'm pretty confident too that I want to do a grey backing, maybe a grey pattern but something that will be complimented by a zigzag quilt pattern. I think, though, that I'll border this with some of the white fabric first.  I have a few coloured stripe fabrics that might do well as binding.  It's all a bit wait and see but oh so fun to plan!

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