Feb 2, 2014

D236-8: Zip zip zip!

I've been production lining these strips of colour/white QSTs.  I left timing it too late, but I had a hunch, and was right, that it takes me about half an hour to sew up one colour.

I order the squares using the guide I've taped to the extension table and zip zip zip them as quickly as I can, with careful pinning.  Then I put the strips aside until an evening when it suits me to press them. Tonight I had six strips, making three colours.

Oh my goodness the pressing.  I don't know how long it takes coz I do it in front of the telly and stop and start, but it's fiddly.  And here's what I learned from that...

Tip of the day: Quilting work needs an iron with as simple a surface as possible.  The star shape for the steam in my iron is fine for shirts, but annoying as all get out for pressing lots of little seams.  It collects and crookedly creases them all. Grrr.  

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