Feb 23, 2014

D247-9: The Beginning of an Era

Sounds grandiose? Nnnnnnope.

I bought a Bernina B530 on Friday.

I'm going from a Bernina 807 minimatic, an entirely mechanical, mostly metal, 1969-ish, much loved machine with only 6 stitches...

To this:

It doesn't matter that it's not the highest of the Bernina range, or that it doesn't to embroidery.  I still hear choirs when I turn it on.

I also got a BSR (a Bernina Stitch Regulator, which watches you move the fabric and keeps the stitches even), for freemotion quilting, and a walking foot.  I've spent the days since reading the manual, watching YouTube videos and having a bit of a play...

I tried out a few decorative stitches and some stitch programming, shown on the left. The right side is playing with the BSR foot and I tried out doing pivoted zigzags with the walking foot too, coz that's what I wanted to be doing with my next project.

The purchase of this machine is a whole saga in itself, but too long to tell. I hope to do a review in a few weeks time, but want to have first finished the quilt and made at least one garment, and maybe a softie.

We've been away for a week with the inlaws, enjoying mild weather by the beach, and I'm very glad to be able to stave off any holiday hangover with such a long awaited and much pondered purchase.  





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