May 12, 2013

D98: Hide and Seek

Today I made this little flap thing. It's part of a project I mentioned a while ago here and here.

The closed flap with a button on the front, and the inside with a piece of appliqué.
I got LOTS of sleep today - thank you Hub and Mothers Day! - and so was able to string enough of my thoughts together to nut this out. It doesn't look very complicated, and it's not, but it's part of a larger project and I've been trying to map, plan and problem solve this idea for a while, with little progress.  

With pattern marking and creating, you have to plan forwards and backwards, beginning with the end and noting the sequence of layers, joints, the way things will interact, as you work backwards and towards the materials you're starting with. (See, I couldn't have made that sentence yesterday. I'm that well rested.) Trying to create in the fog of sleep deprivation is like doing a coin rubbing with the wrong end of the pencil.  Or like making really effective similes.
Either way, I'm at, like, 65% capacity and it feels awesome :D

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