May 15, 2013

D100!: Ursula finds her book

Yesterday was the 100th official day of my doing-something-creative-each-day effort.  They haven't been consecutive days, but the ratio isn't too bad, so I'm very pleased with how it's gone so far.  I fully expected to bow out much earlier, or change the rules somehow, but here I am, sticking to something... Who knew!  Regardless, I began this for the good of my wellbeing and it has certainly made a positive difference to my happiness :D

Yesterday's effort was to finish a story for Bub which I called Ursula asks for help. [SPOILER ALERT!]  It's a gripping tale of Ursula, the bear, broken hearted over the loss of her favourite book, thwarted at every turn, surrounded by fools, until, at last! Dad comes to the rescue and discovers the book secreted away on the top shelf (coz it's totes a top shelf book). Balance is restored to the universe, all is well again.

My original title, "Ursula finds her book", was much more upbeat and comforting but mired in controversy because Hub was fairly sure it was HE who found the book, not Ursula.  It was only my inclination for accuracy which changed my mind and nothing more

Upper panels: building context - Lower panels: resolution - Made on StoryCreator Pro for iPad

I showed it to Bub yesterday arvo and she almost lots her beans looking at Ursula on the screen and listening to my voice automatically read the story.  She may have been a bit tired too.  It's made on StoryCreator Pro.

Hopefully there'll be more tales of high adventure for Bub's toys.  I thought we might have a series of how the toys got their names, because most of them have ea good reason.  For instance, Ursula got her name from being a bear, which is of the Ursidae family of mammals.  We have Camella, so called because giraffes were once known as Cameleopards. 

Clearly, I have a melancholy* streak about such things, since I've always wondered how I'll resolve the issue of carnivores being in the same toy box as their prey... Maybe my next story will be explaining how Leonardo and Ursula are so harmless.  Or why we have a separate toy box for the herbivores. 
OR, how about one explaining how Hiccup always has hiccups yet is quite a happy chappy and somehow not a tortured soul, dogged by the relentless hopping of his chest, robbed of all continuity of thought, slipping into psychosis with every passing hour.  Hmmm, maybe the tale of how he got hiccups should come first.

* As opposed to sanguine, choleric or phlegmatic people, melancholy folk will do things like change the lyrics of a nursery rhyme so that it sticks with generally agreed-upon scientific beliefs.  That's me.

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