May 4, 2013

D95: Homey timin'

Today was one of bits and pieces, chores and errands.

Here is the fruit purée I made for Bub.  It's a little experimental, based on a favourite smoothie I used to have, and mostly strawberry & cantaloupe.
It needs yoghurt but I'm pretty sure that still gives Bub eczema, so I used banana and rice cereal as thickeners.
 The experimental part is that I'm freezing it to store but I don't want to warm it when defrosting. Warm cantaloupe? Gurrlegaga! You know how many chins that go with that sound, yes?  So the microwave skill level needed for this dessert is Expert.

I also tried to resurrect some failed baby food. We had two rejected items - potato & spinach and leek & cauliflower - but too much of both to chuck them out guilt-free.
I though fritters might work, with a bit of faffing around. A prototype batch with grated carrot and crushed chick peas wasn't too bad but they were rather flimsy. This batch used the rest of the chick peas, a grated zucchini and some cooked rice.  It sounded so good on paper, so effective.  Alas, the whole thing was very wet and the first batch stuck to the ('non-stick') pan.  I added flour to strengthen it and prepared more oil.  However, I had to tag with Hub to settle Bub and he just cooked the rest as is, in larger palm-sized patties.
The flavour was lovely. I decided not to take a photo... Nuf said.

In small-but-it-counts efforts, I sewed a few press studs onto this delightful flannelette wrap from an Ikea sheet set.  We've been using it to shield Bubs eyes from the night light ,which gently shines like the ever watchful eyes of an overly-affectionate radioactive puppy.  It's really very good, just surprisingly freakin bright.  In fact, once your eyes accustom to the dim, you can't even directly look at it without wincing.
So, after draping a flat nappy and a hanky over the night light*, these studs are to hold the wrap over the rail of the crib.

Hopefully I'll get some more lactation cookies done tonight.  And here I am blaming the night feeds for being tired. :|

Look! Cookies!
Hey! Waddya know!  And I learned something today...  Raisins are pretty large and I've found that if they're in the centre of a cookie then it's way more likely to fall apart.  So when I want smaller cookies I use sultanas/currants only: Raisins are for big cookies.

*No need to freak out about fire safety:  It's a rubber-encased night-light and barely gets warm.  It's more likely to start a fire from burning my eyes.

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