May 21, 2013

D103: Mug'goodness!

Tonight I tried this recipe - Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake -  from Not Quite Nigella.   Please don't think of my pictures when you see her photography. [*cringe*]

Oh so rich and steamy... mmmm.
True to the recipe, we had a good amount of goo in the bottom, which Hub was delighted about but it reminded me of uncooked batter too much.  I did ours on medium for 1min, 30sec and 30sec.  I donated mine to him in defence of a possible sore tummy! (He scoffed it down, licked his lips and said "Yeah, that's prolly gunna give me a tummy ache.")

Ours ended up a little different in the end, and I'm not sure why.  Dividing the dry ingredients between two mugs was easy, but they were different by the time I'd added the milk and butter, and then I'm not sure the egg was divided evenly.  The flavours were comparable though, which is the most important thing.

My changes included replacing the oil with 60g melted butter and using broken choc melts.

I highly recommend it for a quick dessert. :)

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