Apr 14, 2014

D272-78: Oh my goodness - it's done!

Long story short: the house had been sick, with Hub home since Tuesday and Bub coughing and gooping everywhere.  But in the midst of that I took quiet moments for this quilt, and all of a sudden I could see the end!  Blogging took a back-seat to quilting (as it should really).  Here's how it went, in pictures...

My thread choices for the top quilting

All the zigzag quilting complete, with the sashes to be quilted.
My idea for feeding the bias tape to the sewing.
The detail of the quilting at the corners.
The whole thing, getting an airing in the sun.
You've no idea how paranoid I was about birds flying over.
Plus some other things I did in between sewing, which require less attention and are more interruptible :)

Children's clothing patterns; ideas for the next quilt.

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