Apr 27, 2014

D282&3: Time Away

The original layout
We've spent a few days at the in-laws', relaxing and resting.  Between all the walks, cups of tea, naps and trying to get Bub to eat something, planning the quilt was all I could tackle.  The softies fabric was brought but not unpacked, such was my access to the kitchen table over the days.  I didn't even bake anything!

I remade the little animals with the new colours, leaving the most flexible ones, like butterflies, till last to diversify and balance the colour range.  Then I spent some time shuffling them around, dropping a few out, looking at economical ways to arrange them in a balanced rectangle. 

Hub reckons I should knock back the range of animals and make it smaller.  I'm already changing it from the original 6"-squares to 4"-squares. I'm still getting over how long and narrow a single bed quilt is!  Although it's also not much bigger than a cot quilt when you chop off 15-18" for the the pillow area.  

I'm going by this advice from Stargazey - Standard Australian quilt sizes - but I suspect I'll be doing whatever size takes my fancy and feels proportionate. ;D

A bit tricky to sash, with lots of open spaces.
This one could be sashed in columns.
A square quilt? Almost random sashes would be awkward... hmm.

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