Apr 22, 2014

D281: There was a sale!

As if you would've done better!
Finally bought these things for a neglected quilt!

Hey, at least I was sensible. I even did two purchases - one for the things I really wanted to get using my focussed take-no-prisoners brain, and then another for some other things with my wouldn't-this-be-luverly brain, once I was sure I had time.  So there.  
It's just that I could see the opportunity to buy without Bub's distracting was along way off in the future, and I'd already been putting off a few purchases for a while.  There are a few things I'd like to knock off while I think about the next quilt...

My cousin bought me an Ink & Spindle pack to make a single-bed quilt top for my 35th (?) birthday.  (It's very similar to this one, which is just droolingly good.)  I have pictures of myself working on it the night I went into labour, trying to get it done before the biggest interruption of my life, sitting on a towel just in case.  Well, now I hope to get it done before Christmas, not necessarily 'next'.  The animal one is coming along and I can't delay it if I can figure it out.  I'm pleased this stuff is here now, though, so I can at least baste it together if I find time, or need a break from quarter-circles!

This arvo I began using pencils to try and figure out how many of which colours to buy, but I haven't felt like I was really making progress.  I was trying to see how many browns, blues and greens I could get away with, and such.  You know how some explorations just feel like busy work, but you run it out in case you learn something, or until a better alternative reveals itself...?

Well, when I saw a batch of solids on sale I thought maybe working backwards might be more helpful.  The Kaufman Kona solids are marvellous, but I'd be lost with all that choice - I need a restriction, not 271 options!  The pencils aren't bright or bold enough and the few textas I have aren't a helpful range - but I do have enough to sorta match them to my new fabrics and plan effectively.  

So here it is: my set for the quilt.  All I'm missing is black and white.  I think I can get nine 6" quarter-circles out of each fat quarter.

Matching my new fabrics to the pencils and textas I have, for future planning.

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