Mar 18, 2014

D261&2: Baaaaaa...

...aaaaasting.  So much basting.  Today I took up a piece of advice I saw somewhere, which was to baste the backing over the edges of the front to prevent fraying.  And, with a few pins remaining in key places, it's done and basted!

Next is the actual quilting... Eep!  

Actually there's one or two things first. No, three!
1. Decide decide decide on a quilting pattern.  I've been thinking about it for ages - from the start! - but I'm still not final about what lines I'll actually create;

2. Buy necessary thread; and 

3. Maybe do a Craftsy lesson or two before I put foot to fabric.  Even though I've batting and fabric set aside to practise I'd like a bit more education first.

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