Mar 11, 2014

D257: Blackberry Muffins

Well they look fine but I'm not sold on the taste...

I used the CTAW muffin recipe, which I love coz it's got butter and not veggie oil, and substituted the blueberry variation with blackberries.  I was concerned about their juices making it too moist, or the purple-ish colour making them grey.  The juice was fine, the colouring is a little bleh.  

I think what it needs though is a squeeze of lemon, or something sharp to raise the berry flavour.  They're just a bit meh.  I'm not sure what compliments blackberry... Maybe it needs to be blackberry jam and not the berries alone. Maybe more sugar would do it...? 

Speaking of lemons, did it tell you I made up some lemon madeleines the other day? Just the juice and jest of half a juicy lemon in the mix, in place of honey. I made a light syrup of juice and sugar (to taste, zapped for batches of 10sec to dissolve) and gave their wavy backs one generous brush each, so as not to drown them and keep them light.  Was very pleased... Might do a recipe post for that one...

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